Fundamental Kitchen Design Guidelines To Know Before You Start Designing Your Kitchen

Fundamental Kitchen Design Guidelines To Know Before You Start Designing Your Kitchen

Here are some fundamental kitchen design guidelines to know before you start designing your Dubai kitchen. They include the concept of the Work triangle, Doorway sizes and placements of appliances, Quartz countertops, and other important design elements. This article will cover each of these aspects in more detail. After reading this article, you will be able to create the kitchen of your dreams! Just don’t forget to follow the tips listed above! You’ll soon be amazed at how much easier it is than you thought!

Work triangle concept:

If you are looking for a kitchen design that is functional and attractive, consider incorporating the work triangle concept. Ideally, your sink should be located between the cooking surface and the sink, as well as across from your preparation area and refrigerator. The distance between each of these points should be no more than four feet. In addition, you should avoid placing major traffic patterns across the work triangle. This is especially important if you entertain frequently.

Doorway size:

Keeping your doorway width in mind is an important kitchen design tip. Entry doors must be at least 812mm wide to facilitate the safe operation of kitchen appliances. In addition, work aisles should be 1060mm wide, and the walkways should be at least 915mm wide. A good rule of thumb is 610mm wide for each person who will be using the kitchen. And if there are multiple cooks in the home, ensure that the kitchen is wide enough for everyone to move about freely.

Appliance placement:

A kitchen’s layout plays a huge role in its visual appeal. Besides high-quality finishes and a pleasing color scheme, it’s also important to pay attention to appliance placement. Without proper placement, your kitchen won’t meet its full potential. To avoid this, use the kitchen work triangle and the rule of thirds to ensure that each appliance is placed where it will best serve its intended purpose. You can also consider the kitchen triangle to create landing areas around the main appliances.

Quartz countertop material:

If you’re considering a quartz countertop for your new kitchen, you should know that light colors hold up quite well against stains. However, not all quartz is created equal. Certified kitchen designer recommends conducting stain tests at home by leaving coffee, red wine, or oil on the surface of the quartz for at least two hours. You’ll see whether the stain remains after the second day.