A value added tax, also called a sales tax, is a kind of local tax that is charged either incrementally or based on the purchasing price of a particular item. It is typically levied on the selling price of a certain product or service to the final buyer at each point of sale, production, or distribution.

If a product is sold without having to charge a value added tax, it is said to be an “exempt sale.” Basically, any sale is exempt from this type of tax if it’s a “cash sale.” However, a sales tax is generally required by most municipalities in order to collect funds.

Individual Sales Tax Rates

Sales tax rates are different for each all countries and all have individual sales tax rates; all taxes can be managed by auditing companies in Dubai. Sales tax rates can vary widely, even between states within a country. Although sales tax rates may differ from one state to another, the same basic principle applies. Each state sets its own sales tax rate and imposes it according to the formula used to determine its level.

VAT Return

Generally speaking, a sales tax and UAE VAT return on a product is considered “in-kind” when the seller has already paid the amount of that item to another party, such as a manufacturer. This is not true for a consumption tax. Under a consumption tax, a product must be purchased with a cash invoice. This payment will be assessed against the seller’s tax liability and is included in the taxable sale amount.

Gross Sales

If a seller doesn’t have to charge a sales tax, the item will not be considered “in-kind” and will not be subject to sales tax. If a seller does charge a sales tax on the purchase of an item, that sale will be treated like a sale by the wholesaler and the tax on that sale will be added to the vendor’s gross sales and subject to state and local taxes.

Consumption vs Sales Taxes

When comparing sales and consumption taxes, it is important to remember that the sales price is what is included in the equation, not the final consumer price, which is determined based on the quantity of the item purchased. In general, the more the item is sold, the higher the vat paid. But, the VAT paid on the final consumer price is lower than the vat paid on the total sales price. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to separate the final consumer price from the vat paid on sales tax.

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