Canada Student Visa – You Must Have Knowledge Of Following Things

Canada Student Visa - You Must Have Knowledge Of Following Things

If you are looking for a Canada student visa from Dubai, you must first apply for a study permit. A study permit is a written authorization from Canada that allows foreign nationals to pursue their educational pursuits in this country. It allows you to attend university, work part-time on campus, and bring dependent children with you. This type of visa is highly desirable for many reasons. Read on to learn more about applying for a study permit and what to expect once you receive one.

A study permit is a written authorization for foreign nationals to study in Canada:

The Canadian government issues a study permit for international students to study in the country. Foreign nationals can study at any educational institute in the country. The purpose of the study permit is to help students meet Canadian educational requirements. However, there are some concerns associated with studying in Canada. Some of the concerns include non-genuine students and questionable educational institutions. To minimize the risk of abuse, the federal government should work with provinces to implement stricter regulations.

It allows you to work part-time on campus:

Working part-time on campus can offer you more than a steady income. It can also provide valuable comradery. Because most campus entities and partners are composed of students, working on campus can help you make connections with people who are already part of the school community. In addition, you’ll be spending a good deal of your day on campus, making the opportunity even better.

It allows you to bring dependent children to Canada:

If you’re planning to study in Canada, you may be interested in getting a temporary resident visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to bring your family members with you. If you’re a permanent resident, the requirements for TRVs and eTAs are waived. These documents are travel documents only and are issued automatically to students and workers who qualify. This entitles you to bring your family to Canada and participate in various programs.

It requires sufficient funds:

It is possible to cut down the application process to 45 days if you are studying at a designated learning institute. It is essential to show that you have sufficient funds to meet the costs of studying in Canada, as well as living expenses. A bank statement or other evidence of sufficient funds is acceptable. The immigration officer will examine your financial stability but will not approve your visa application unless you can prove you are financially capable of supporting yourself.