4 Things To Know Before You Arrive In Dubai

4 Things To Know Before You Arrive In Dubai

Before you arrive in Dubai, here are some important things to know: Avoid wearing revealing clothing, avoid making public displays of affection, and drink plenty of water. You may also want to avoid using drugs. Whether you’re traveling on business or for pleasure, here are some tips to make your stay in Dubai a safe one. Also, don’t forget to know the best places in Dubai for tourists. By following these tips, your trip will be a breeze.

Avoiding revealing attire:

Before you step out of your home, you should avoid wearing too revealing apparel while in Dubai. The Emiratis generally wear modest attire such as abayas for women and kandouras for men. Women should also avoid wearing Daisy Duke Shorts, see-through clothes, and miniskirts. Men should wear conservative attire such as t-shirts and jeans.

Avoiding public displays of affection:

Unlike most places in the world, kissing and other public displays of affection are considered inappropriate in Dubai. Even though it’s not strictly against the law, it’s still best to avoid them. While holding hands is fine, you should not squeeze or kiss any Emirati woman in public. Even if the two of you are married, this could end in a legal issue. If you are traveling with a Muslim friend, you should avoid touching the hands of Muslim women in public.

Drinking plenty of water:

During your stay in Dubai, make sure you drink plenty of water. People in the UAE often drink sugary drinks, and even sugar-free ones may contain chemical additives. If you’re going to be out in the desert for a long period, drink lots of water. You’ll also want to try juiced fruit and vegetables. These contain a lot of water, and you can juice them if you’re not too keen on making juices.

Avoiding drugs:

If you are planning a vacation to the UAE, avoid bringing any illegal or prescription drugs in your suitcase. This is a serious crime in the UAE, and the authorities are not lenient when it comes to drugs. Drugs can be confiscated at airports, hotels, and even in public places. You may be subject to up to four years in prison if you are caught with prescription drugs. Taking anxiety medications or painkillers is also illegal, so pack them in your luggage.